Louisville Bankruptcy Can Help Stop the Rise of Foreclosures

It’s certainly a buyer’s market in the real estate world, but what does that mean for those who already have a home and are being hampered by a possible foreclosure?

Proof of the problem can be seen on foreclosure tracking website RealtyTrac, which shows that much of Louisville is in a high foreclosure rate right now. Ten of the 24 ZIP codes are in an area where as few as 1 in every 228 housing units is in foreclosure in Louisville.
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Yet, our Louisville bankruptcy lawyers have also noted that at the same time that many residents are dealing with a foreclosure, The Courier-Journal is reporting that the Kentucky Housing Corp. is offering its lowest mortgage rates in 40 years.

The state-chartered housing finance agency is offering borrowers with certain income limits, credit scores and other criteria 30-year, fixed-rate mortgages at 3.375 percent on the low end. The agency provides rates for first-time buyers and those with moderate incomes, but consumers must work with agency-approved lenders.

This all sounds great if you’re looking to cash in on the depressed real estate market and get a great deal. But what if you already bought your dream home and ended up with a bad interest rate because it was a seller’s market?

Flash forward a few years and now you may have hit a tough stretch financially with someone in your family losing a job, getting hit hard with a major medical bill or having to worry about the rising costs of day-to-day bills? For those with a variable mortgage rate that suddenly has spiked, leading to higher payments, this could be an especially troubling time.

Losing your home to foreclosure is never a good option. In fact, it can be devastating to children who could have their world turned upside down by having to move. If your credit score has taken a hit because of missed payments and other financial troubles, a foreclosure can make matters worse.

So, why not try to keep your house? One clear way is through a Louisville bankruptcy. Filing for bankruptcy immediately stops foreclosure in its tracks. Whether the family is receiving its first missed payment notice or the house is scheduled to be auctioned off at the courthouse, filing for bankruptcy can stop foreclosure.

What filing does is halt any attempts creditors have made to get money or possessions from you, including wage garnishments and foreclosure. This then allows your Louisville bankruptcy lawyer to use the laws on the books to help you get out of your debt.

Bankruptcy laws are supposed to help the consumer get out of debt after other methods haven’t worked. These judges are trained and expected to provide help for everyday people who have gotten stung by high interest rates and a house with an underwater mortgage, meaning it is worth less than what the homeowners is paying on it. It’s a bad situation that can be made better with bankruptcy laws that were created to help.

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