Major Medical Bills, Even With Insurance, Can Require Louisville Bankruptcy to Cover

Most people would do just about anything for a sick relative: Hold a fundraiser, help pay the bills or make some sacrifices to lend a hand. But some families mired in financial problems pretty much have to go it alone. Especially when it comes to paying for medical care,
Many medical procedures are extremely costly these days, and there seems to be no limit on what hospitals and specialists try to bill for. When it costs $25 for one aspirin, you know we’re in trouble. But there is help in the form of filing for bankruptcy in Louisville.
Our Louisville bankruptcy lawyers recognize the great power that our nation’s bankruptcy laws have because they allow everyday, average citizens to get help if they have financial problems. And one of the biggest causes of financial problems in the United States is healthcare costs.

Even when people have routine out-patient surgeries, many insurance companies end up paying tens of thousands of dollars on behalf of their policyholders. When a person is diagnosed with a form of cancer or has to get treatment for another complex or potentially fatal illness, it’s going to require specialists, many hospital visits, exploratory procedures, expensive medications and other help to try to stop the illness.

Even people who get in car accidents — a daily occurrence — can be saddled with amazingly large bills. From broken bones to internal injuries, these conditions must be addressed quickly. That, too, can be costly.

So what happens when insurance stops covering? The hospital starts going after the patient. They send letters, make calls, have collection agencies make calls, and conduct other collections practices. Yes, they offered services, but after catastrophic events, people need time to recover.

Take for example one family in Texas. The Austin American-Statesmen recently profiled a family with three kids who are now $25,000 in debt with medical bills because one of their three children has spina bifida and one kidney. She may soon require spinal surgery and their mother has had heart surgery recently, adding to their medical bills.

The community has reached out, providing presents for Christmas, repairing the family’s van that was in need of repair and household repairs that were causing problems. The family is determined to pay off the medical bills, but with additional medical care potentially on the horizon, it could be a rocky road.

Having a major illness “affects everybody’s life,” the mother said. “It’s very isolating for the whole family.”

Indeed, and this is where Louisville bankruptcy can help. Rather than forcing every family member to suffer, using these consumer-based laws can really help. Filing for bankruptcy in Louisville can get rid of medical bills.

Imagine having that freedom. Instead of waiting for the calls to stop coming in, a family can let bankruptcy clear their debt and get them in the right direction. There are ways out of the debt and while bankruptcy can’t stop the medical issue, it can help stop the debt from adding to the stress of the situation.

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