Ex-NFL Player Clinton Portis Using Chapter 7 Bankruptcy to Address $5 Million in Debt

A national news source has recently reported that ex-NFL running back Clinton Portis has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in order to address $5 million in mostly unsecured debt that he has accumulated since ending his professional football career. The story demonstrates a good example of how Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be used to permanently resolve many types of debt, including unpaid taxes to the IRS or state governments, regardless of the previous income of the filer.

football-game-1-1558128Chapter 7 Bankruptcy May be Used to Discharge Back Taxes, but Proper Procedures Must be Followed

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is also known as a liquidation bankruptcy, and it is an action that can be filed in a U.S. Bankruptcy Court by debtors who are unable to pay their debts and have little or no assets that could repay the debts if they are forcibly sold.

In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, all of the debtor’s non-exempt property becomes accessible to creditors to be sold or divided, and after a certain time period, the debts are discharged, and creditors are no longer able to collect them. With some additional restrictions, delinquent taxes owed to the IRS that are more than three years  may be included in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy for debtors who have filed tax returns on time and follow the correct procedures.   The three years runs from the date the tax return was due to be filed, including extensions.  It is essential for debtors considering bankruptcy to plan in advance and consult with a qualified bankruptcy attorney well before their anticipated filing to have the greatest chance of discharging unpaid tax debt.

Former NFL Star Running Back Owed Over $450,000 in Unpaid Taxes

According to the news report discussing Mr. Portis’ recent filing, he is asking the court to discharge over $450,000 in unpaid taxes from the years 2006 and 2010. Based on the report, it appears that the income that resulted in this six-figure tax bill is long gone, and without the ability to file for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Mr. Portis could be forced to endure the tax burden from his $43 million pro football career long after he’s lost the ability to earn that type of income. With the help of a skilled bankruptcy attorney and court approval, Mr. Portis should be able to get his finances back into a manageable situation and put his unpaid taxes and other debts behind him.

Are You Considering Bankruptcy?

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